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    Sunrise somewhere over New Mexico, early in the Twenty First Century.

A new day.  Be grateful.  A gift awaits us all.  Breathe, feel the pulse of nature.  Peace may be had for nothing.  Freedom is the process of attitude change. Look at the sunrise... it says it all.  The words you may read here are not about religion even though a God may be mentioned.  Instead, the words are about our individual journeys to find ourselves in our relationship to whatever you are comfortable with as a Creator.                            Fantine     March 21, 2009

    Fantinesvoice is written by Ferdie, Carbear, Dawg, and Muffie delightful stuffed bears and dogs who accompany Fantine on her travels. If you would like to contact Fantine, write to  They will let her know she has a message.

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