Yup, Carbear, finally we have all the new stuff up and running so we can do some positive reviews of music and stuff.  The new VTL S200 is in place and working like.... well like a sweet tube amp.


            What we are now hearing with the VTL S200 after replacing the Mark Levinson No. 27.5, a solid amplifier which has served extremely well for nearly 25 years, is an expanded sound stage, better spacial delineation front to back, but most of all, an increase in the fullness of the notes, the lack of any harshness in the upper range, and detail even in the quietest passages. 

            Fantines favorite test cut is The Ballad of Bill Hubbard, the first track on Roger Water’s Amused to Death CD.  While the beginning dog bark was previously out to one’s right at 2:30 or 3:00 o’clock, it is now nearly behind the listener at 4:00 o’clock.  And, the initial voices instead of on the left at 10:00 o’clock, now are out at 9:00.  With the volume up loud enough to hear the voices well, the first big note was rather cutting and harsh with the Levinson, now it is simply large and clear, with a warmth and sweetness even at a level which tends to move one back in their chair.  The remainder of the track follows with such roundness to the notes, a filled in sound stage which was clearly lacking with the solid state amplification previously used.  And, this, I am told, is what tubes are all about. 

            What is so very convenient about the VTL set up is, the 5.5 Series II pre amp controls the power to the S200 amp.  The triggering occurs after the pre is fully warmed up, and the sequence electronically for the Signature VTL line is designed so as to take care of issues folks have complained about with tubes for years.  Even the bias issues are covered with the programmed warm up in both units.  So, what we end up with is all the wondrous musicality of tubes, but without all the previous headaches,  VTL has it covered.


Equipment available for Carbear, Ferdie, Dawg, and Muffie:

            Totem Acoustics Element Metal, Totem Acoustics Thunder II Sub, VTL 5.5 Series II Pre Amp, VTL S200 Amplifier, Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon, Sumiko Blue Point No. 2, NAD PP4, NAD C 546BEE, Bluesound Vault 2, Belden 1800F Balanced, Canare 4S11 Bi-Wire Cables, BJC LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables   

Nikon Photo

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