Carbear, isn’t it a bit late in the season to be trying to get a tan?

    You are probably right, Ferdie, but Fantine said if we were to lie around the pool, we better do it before we leave on the next trip.  And it feels so good to just be out here in the sun, warm, relaxed, the birds singing...

    Yea, Carbear, and the horseflies biting...

    Ferdie, sometimes I think you do not appreciate being around the pool and relaxing in the sun.  This is a great time to meditate.  Here, put some of this stuff on and the horseflies won’t bother you.  If we do a little prevention we can avoid difficulties later on.  This also applies to life in general.  Think about it Ferdie, we can lie here and meditate, consider the alternatives we have in life, such as our attitude, and change our whole way of seeing the world.  By doing these things our lives will change.  If we strive toward doing only good things, sidestepping those temptations of doing things against others, and looking for acts of kindness and love, wow, we experience life like a completely new thing....

    Hey, Carbear, you get all that by just lying here in the sun, huh?  Maybe we need to do this more often.  I think you may have something here.

      Fantine    Wednesday    September 30, 2009

                               Photo: The Pool at Welton Place

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