Is our life about following others over the cliff?

    We may have been fortunate enough at times to have recognized how we followed the lead of others even if it was clearly very poor judgement.  Did we do this to maintain the status quo with our peers?  Was this our attempt to fit in?  Are we afraid of making our own decisions?  Do we lack enough sense of self worth to set boundaries?

    All of these factors may contribute to the decision to avoid taking responsibility for our own lives.  By following others we may pretend to blame them at a later date for our own failures.  We can find a scapegoat if we say someone else did it. 

    How does this affect us in the long run?  Is this the way we want our lives to be...  simply following the example of someone who lacks good judgement?  Are we able to build a sense of positive self esteem by this behavior?

    Maybe if we looked to the folks who have found a more appropriate manner of life, one which has a lower potential for harm to others, then we would find more serenity.  Communities exist where the playing field is level, the ideas all of equal value, and each person receives the respect deserved as an individual.  May you find the peace you are worthy of today.

        Fantine   Tuesday    September 29, 2009    

                                 Photo: Newport, Rhode Island

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