Our religion... how do we see this?

    Often we will follow the path of others and accept what we are offered without question.  Is this what God is about?  Is our life to be identical to another?  Or as individuals do we have an opportunity and a responsibility to become more introspective.  Is it really possible for us to follow God’s will while we insisit on having our own way?  Or is our role to find what we would like to give up and what we would like to keep about ourselves, then follow the path set by God in order that we may better do His will in our lives.

    How do we utilize our religious experience to assist us in finding God’s will for us.  Is guilt helpful or not?  Should we endorse shame?  Or is the more accurate perspective one in which we see only the perfect Christ in other human beings?  For others this may be to simply see the perfection of God as embodied in our sister or brother.    It then follows, we must treat another as if we were interacting with God.

    This brings us to a point of using  religion as our guidline to achieving our goals.  Not as our set of absolute rules, but more like a road map as we traverse the hills and valleys of life, interacting with our fellow travelers, treating each person with unconditional love.

    Love your sisters and brothers for they are the embodiment of God.

        Fantine    Thursday    September 24, 2009

   Photo: Ave Maria Queen of Peace Shrine, Trinidad, Colorado

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