Why do I hate you?  

    WOW I didn't recognize the issue.  Sometimes, if we are able to look carefully at ourselves, and with at least a modicum of humor, we will be surprised by what we hear in our minds.  Jealousy is an interesting phenomena.  Sometimes what we would like to be, or look like, we say we hate.  Hate is a bit strong, but it sometimes is used as it is so strong it makes us think we really do not have the feeling or thought.

        Our learning opportunity has appeared.  Right before our eyes, the moment is clear.  What we find is difficult to deal with in the environment  may be what we need to deal with inside ourselves.  This is true almost without exception.  If we are disturbed by something, look within.  After all, the development of insight is accomplished with mirrors.  Without the external environment to reflect our inner conflicts, we would be clueless.  Many of us remain clueless because we are unable to utilize the gifts of these reflections.

    Listen, reflect, and grow...  This is the process which will increase your ability to feel connected with the human race.  Join with us as we look at our own warts and effectively work through the issues we all face.  Laugh with us, cry with us, grow with us.  Together we will find the joy of life.  We will find the condition of love.  Be loved...

        Fantine    Wednesday    September 23, 2009

                                   Photo: Tysons Corner, Virginia

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