I cannot bear the pain...

    Some days we find ourselves caught in such an emotional state of severe pain it feels unbearable.  The moment is so overwhelming our options are often quite unreasonable and self focused.  The way out of our pain is not seen as a future but as an end.  We hurt so much our thinking is severely impaired.  And we simply do not know what to do.

    We may feel so alone and abandoned it is like being in the wilderness, lost in the  fog, not knowing which way to turn.  A realization of fear and coldness pervades our consciousness.  We may not understand our judgement is profoundly impaired.

    If you ever think this describes you...    there is a way out and a life to live with joy and happiness.  Many of us have walked through this black night,  passed through the narrow spaces, found answers which had previously eluded us.  If we are able to listen and identify with others, connect with each others pain, come together and survive, we will find a power in our unity which can lead us out of misery.  The sun will rise on our nights of darkness.  The happiness will return.

    Be with us in a journey on the pathway of life.  Struggle together as we make progress.  Our spiritual self will emerge and we will know a new life filled with a new way of living...

                                    ...loving unconditionally.

        Fantine    Tuesday    September 22, 2009

                         Photo: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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