When we bury our feelings.... do we bury them alive?

    Hey, Ferdie, what are people talking about when they say they are burying their feelings?  It seems a silly thing to do.  Why not just tell someone about them, get it worked out and go on with life?

    Well, Carbear, sometimes directly dealing with our feelings is not always what we can do.  It seems our vision does not allow us to see this pathway at certain periods in our lives.  In a way one of the protective measures taken by our very clever minds is to create a blind spot in our ability to have insight with certain issues.

    This is done so as to limit the amount of stuff we have to deal with at any one time.  There is a saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  One interpretation of this  is when we are spiritually connected, on firm earth, we will be able to deal effectively with difficult issues.

    Hey, Ferdie, you have a real grasp of this topic.  It sounds as though a strong connection with a Higher Power as we understand Him is a good way to help deal with the conflicts we face.  If we can connect with folks, work with others in a  common cause, become united, then progress spiritually is ours.

    Carbear, I think you have it.  Unconditional love.  Maybe others will catch on...    You think?

        Fantine   Monday    September 21, 2009

                            Photo: Las Animas County, Colorado

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