Embrace uncertainty...

    Yes.  This was said by a spiritual leader on a popular television show.  It is consistent with my own observations.  If we are very honest in the way we view the world, uncertainty is almost a guarantee.  The wonderful part is that by the practice of unconditional love , we may find uncertainty is a friend and ally rather than an adversary.

    Experience suggests when we are faced with fear one action which can be taken is to bring what we find fearful right in front of us and embrace it.  I would suggest “hold on tightly.”  If our adversary is in front of us, we can do all things possible in our own best interest.

    This is especially true if we have a condition which may cause us to become engaged in compulsive, addictive behavior. Keeping our disease in front of us, holding on tight, never forgetting what we are; these we will find beneficial.

    When an awareness of our difficulty is present, we can avoid acting out and are more able to live a life filled with unconditional love.  Practicing the presence of God is much easier once we are aware of our struggles.

        Fantine    Thursday    September 17, 2009

                            Photo: Newport, Rhode Island   

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