After the rain...

    During a hard rain we sometimes forget the sun will shine again.  Life is about cycles.  Daylight follows night,  a lifetime follows a birth, and death follows a lifetime.  The seasons continue to come each year.

    If we recognize this simple fact is true for us, it may help us to be patient.  Also, when we can allow the process to occur on its own, without our intervention, our complication, our control, suddenly life becomes what many call serene.  Our job is to deal with the rain when it rains and the sun when it is shining.  But we can do more than that.

    When it is dark, we can bring light.  Our unconditional love can change a nightmare into a pleasant dream.  We can give to a suffering human being the one thing they want most.  The one bright light in their life.  Our love can be the sunlight in the middle of the night, during the rain, when all seems so bleak.

    We are powerful beings when it comes to love.  A positive change can be made in the World by our unconditional love.  We can teach this to others, demonstrate how it can improve our lives and offer it all free of cost.  At the same time, our rewards are beyond the extent of our dreams.  The happiness and joy we receive from the practice of love will take us to places we have not been before.

    Come with us on a journey of love...

        Fantine    Wednesday    September 16, 2009

                                                Photo: I-80 Iowa

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