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    In our lives about everyone will find times when we are caught up in strong emotional states which may include feelings of anger, rage, sadness, shame, self pity, depression, even self destructive feelings.  These may tend to be focused on outside sources which we say are “to blame” for our current feeling state.

    Does this suggest we are letting someone else control our feelings?  Is this a resentment when it occurs time after time seemingly without resolution?    How do we manage this resentment?  Can we act out on it?  Do we stuff it inside?  Most important, is it a process which  eventually is seen as self destructive?

    When we are in a state of good spiritual health, resentments can be processed through.  We can look at it from the point “what can I do for it” and “How can I relieve myself of this feeling”.

    How we see the world is our choice.  We can if we choose, see goodness or not.  In every human we can see only the “perfect Christ “ if we so desire.  If our spiritual connectedness is strong we will be able to do this.  Our choice. Always present whether we realize it or not.

    May your journey be seasoned with good choices and hope...

        Fantine    Tuesday    September  15, 2009

                                    Photo:  Interstate 80, Illinois

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