How do we know if we are in touch with reality?

    What is reality?  Is it what we experience?  Do we influence reality?  Do we have an influence on our own reality?  Are we able to create the world we live in?

    Huh, huh, yes, yes, yes.  Discussion of this topic is dependent on being able to look outside the box.  The model within which we live our lives is created by our own ideas on what the world actually is.  This we call reality.  It is personal to us.  It may not be the reality of anyone else.  We can call it our paradigm or model for living.

    But can we change this paradigm?  If we are able to accept the concept that our intellectual function may not be able to comprehend all in the world, that there are other issues, spiritual influences, social dynamics, emotional pressures, all which will tend to color how we see the world, then we may be able to move outside the box.

    This ability can be recognized as an open mind, willingness to change, and being able to readily admit our view may not be the more correct perspective.  Some of us will find we are unable to do this.  Most often this inability is accompanied by emotional suffering, usually seen as the result of others behaviors.

    It is sad when we think others are responsible for how we feel.  Taking responsibility is an important part of spiritual growth.

    May you all be responsible and live lives filled with peace.

        Fantine        Monday    September 14, 2009

                Photo: The Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan

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