Nostalgia, can be true beauty...

    Ferdie, are we supposed to be writing the entire weekend?

    Mmmmm....    I guess so, Carbear.  Fantine must be off taking photos.  I think I heard her say she was going somewhere to shoot pictures.  Maybe we should pay more attention to what she says.

    Well, Ferdie, that wouldn’t be any fun.  If we didn’t ignore her sometimes, she may not appreciate us.  Sometimes we have to pretend we don’t know she is around.

    I don’t know.  Could it be if we were just nice, maybe we would receive the same in return.  Being kind to all people will almost always result in the same in return.  Actually how we see the world will determine how our lives are in general.  When we see others with anger and hostility that is what we will experience in our lives.  Conversely, when we see others with love, then this is what we will feel in our hearts.

    Ferdie, you are so right.  And about the photo Fantine left for us....  the beauty of an old house restored with loving hands...   just waiting to welcome the next guest...


        Fantine    Saturday    September 12, 2009

                        Photo: Tarabino Inn, Trinidad, Colorado

Fantine’s Voice

     Weekend Edition

                                                                © 2009 Fantine

Fantine’s Voice on Saturday

                                                                © 2009 Fantine

A more simple way of living?


Carbear, do you see what I see?  A horse and buggy.  Wow, I haven’t seen one of those for a long time.

    Yea, Ferdie, some folks believe in living a simple life and trying to stick with the basic needs of life.  The idea of technology as progress is sometimes viewed with a bit of skepticism.

    Golly, Carbear, it sounds as they have found a way to avoid getting caught in the trap so many of us do of being addicted to power, prestige, and possessions.  I mean, a lot of what we obtain could be much more simple, with less power, and not so many fancy options in our lives.

    Hey, Ferdie, be careful.  Fantine really likes her heated steering wheel, especially in the middle of winter in Detroit.


    It’s OK Ferdie, she is very forgiving. And besides, I don’t think she heard you.  She was too busy taking the photo of the buggy.  It really is good to be able to see how others live their life and reflect on our own life.  We can learn so much when we recognize all beliefs are fine.  The important thing is to just live and let live.

    Right on Carbear.


            Fantine    Friday    September 11, 2009

                                            Photo: US 250, Ohio

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday

                                                                © 2009 Fantine

   What’s going on here, Ferdie?  That man cannot change his perspective by getting on the train.  He will simply be taking himself along wherever he goes and unless he does some real soul searching, his perspective remains the same.

    He knows that, Carbear.  But his job working for the railroad means he has to travel around a lot.  He has an open mind, a positive approach and a loving heart.  I know that because Fantine was talking with him before he met the train.

    Ferdie, is that all it takes?  If we just begin to see the world with these characteristics, will things be alright?

    Not quite that painless.  One really has to look carefully at the negative issues in one’s life.  We have the opportunity to recognize the answer to letting go of these characteristics is in realizing the gift of life is given to us freely by our Creator. If we then place faith in our Creator by practicing unconditional love, we will experience happiness, freedom, and joy.

    No wonder you and I get along so well, Ferdie.  You follow this so well.

    Thanks, Carbear....

        Fantine    Sunday    September 13, 2009

                                    Photo: Trinidad, Colorado

Changing our perspective...


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