What do we see as a threat?

    When we are able to understand the nature of our enemies, we will also know the nature of ourselves.  The meaning of what we see in the world is dependent on what we assign to it.  In our childhood, we were offered many experiences and we accepted these as naive children, rarely questioning, rarely, looking for alternatives.  Often we believed we were responsible for the actions which occurred around us.  Some of us were in the position of what is now seen as victims of abuse.  And we thought we caused it.

    Today it is important to recognize these childhood experiences  are in the past and our viewpoint today is as an adult.  We can let go of history, live in the moment, and move forward with our lives.  The scars will heal.  But often this requires help.  Another action so difficult for us to take.  If we feel unworthy, we may not seek help.  Simply do it.  Ask for help.  We are here for you.  We have walked in your moccasins.  We understand your pain.  And we offer you hope.  And love, unconditionally...

        Fantine     Saturday    September 26, 2009      

                        Photo: Near Chambers, Arizona

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Fantine’s Voice on Saturday
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Taking risks...    do we?

    The discussion of risk taking is in and of itself taking a risk.  We may wish to avoid looking at our own issues. This is certainly one which may be obvious to others but about which we are in complete denial.  As with almost all behaviors there is a range which is within reason and then a point at which one might call the behavior extreme.  Indeed, we sometimes enjoy seeing others participating in these extreme behaviors and gain pleasure from the observing without having to actually take the risk ourselves.

    But what about the risk of being honest with ourselves?  Are we able to go this far?  Can we find a safe place where our defenses can be put aside and our soul exposed?  Is this a way in which we can grow both spiritually and emotionally?

    Very risky.  Very risky.  But also highly rewarding.  To let others see ourselves allows us to take a look as well.  Without the help of others we may find there is no mirror to reflect back what we cannot see in our own psyche.  We are very dependent and we must take risks if we are to deal with the issues of our lives.

    Join with others who are given freedom from self.  Take risks and grow.  Become a real member of the community of mankind.

          Fantine      Friday    September 25, 2009

Photo: Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday
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   What do we crave?  Some of us will say food.  Others may say drugs or alcohol.  And still others like to engage in recreation and relaxation activities.  Or just sleep.

    What ever we say we crave; to have security, a sense of safety, to be without fear and anxiety, these are important for us.  And this is really so dependent on how we perceive the world around us, as well as on how we maintain our sense of vigilance.  The balance in our reality is important for us to feel comfortable.  How many locks do we need on our door?  Is the staff honest where we may stay?  Is the kitchen clean?

    Always difficult decisions because we cannot control the world.  Although some of us would like to do this, the task is a bit too much.  We must find faith in a Higher Power.  If we are able to accept life in its reality, with its ups and downs, equities and inequities, dark sides and bright days, and focus on not what we are going to receive, but more on what we can give, we may find we become more flexible and more relaxed.

    Having faith that we will be given the strength to deal with life as it is presented comes as a result of practicing love for others.  If it is in our potential to do this, practice the presence of God, love unconditionally, we find the world will love us back.  At this point, many of the concerns which seemed to use up so much of our time, disappear.  The basic desire of every human being is to be loved.  Participate in this glorious action with us.

        Fantine        Sunday    September 27, 2009

                Photo: La Posada, Winslow, Arizona

How do we find security?

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