Another beauty from the past...

    A time of early wandering.  The fortunate few who were able to grab up some travel gear, attach a trailer to their car and go touring, were indeed adventuresome.  Driving  the two lane roads of the time, stopping at the towns along the way, following the immortal Route 66, these were part of a special experience.

    How do we recreate the past?  Or how do we at least come close to the excitement of the early road warriors?  Is one of the primary secrets of the folks who chose this way of vacationing, the idea of getting small?  Do they understand we do not need all the extras we usually have around us?  Could this be one secret to happiness?  Simplify?  Find the necessities, recognize our basic needs, look to the primary issues of life rather than all the glitz and glamour of excess.

    If we can follow this principle in our lives on a daily basis what we may discover is we have more rather than less.  This is the paradox of life.  Less is more.

        Fantine        Saturday        October 10, 2009

                                        Photo: Wall, South Dakota

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Time gone by...     enjoy the memories.

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday
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    The past may for many of us be filled with very negative feelings.  Yet, the positive, nostalgic, emotions may be available as well.  How do we connect with the positive aspects of the past?

    One of the ways I have found, is to first become aware of living in the present.  When we can establish our footing in the moment, recognize the reality is now, and become aware of the influence we have in what we see in the world, our lives become much more manageable.  Try to accept the responsibility that we have in determining the meaning of what we see,  feel, and experience in this moment.  Once this is accomplished, we become empowered and our ability to move into the past in a positive manner is easier.  We can enjoy the soft memories and remember some of the good times which we all had no matter what our circumstances.

    If this seems difficult, seek out others with whom you can identify who are like you.  See if they have found a way to live life in a way which returns a genuine sense of joy and happiness.  We are here if you are willing to look.

        Fantine        Friday        October 9, 2009

                                        Photo: El Moro, Colorado

   Growing up may be a memory of either happiness or terror.  Our joys may be limited.  Some how there may also be a few moments of pleasure.  Maybe these are fantasy as we thought about being a beauty queen, class president, or other important person.

    Enjoy these memories for they are free.  Allow yourself each day a few moments of clarity.  Take time to simply meditate, clearing your mind from all the daily activities.  Drift into fantasy if you like.  Relax, breathe slowly and with intention.  You owe this to yourself.

    If we are capable of giving ourselves the gift of a moment described above, we will immediately notice a change.  The stress of our lives will become less, even if just for a short time.  We will become more tolerant of the eccentricities involved in the behaviors of others.  We will find ourselves able to laugh at our own strangeness.  Suddenly we become human, just like everyone else.  Giving ourselves the gift of a moment away from the chaos of everyday life rewards us with a sense of freedom.  The reward is described above.

    Does this seem difficult?  Only if one does not try it.  There are many who are willing to help.  Ask.

        Fantine        Sunday        October 11, 2009

                                Photo: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

What we may have seen when we were growing up...

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