My first impression...        and my expectations.

    Upon meeting someone new, or visiting a place we have not been before we almost always have expectations.  Our first impression of the unfamiliar may be influenced by our unconscious expectations.  What we see in front of us sets up strong ideas about what we are to encounter.  And in this case the expectation was absolutely true.  The taste was as good as it looked!

    But what about a less positive adventure?  If we are flexible, we will find our ability to adjust to the situation is an easy task.  On the other hand, a rigid perspective, one of entitlement, places us in a position where we may feel hurt, or cheated.  When this happens, the occasion becomes unpleasant and we are left with disappointment and unhappiness.  Usually this will be consistent with our life in general.  One of disappointment, being cheated, unwanted, a series of negative events.

    How does this happen?  Why do some have happiness, some do not?  Could it be our long term outlook, our expectations, our lack of living life on life’s terms leads to this?

    Come to a place where we all work together to deal with our disappointments without creating a catastrophe of our lives.  Let us all identify the common issues of our past which sets us up to a negative life of uncertainty.  We can do this together and come to a place of happiness.  This is true.

        Fantine    Thursday    October 8, 2009

                        Photo: Tarabino Inn, Trinidad, Colorado

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