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Are we disturbed by some things?

    Do we find ourselves uncomfortable with certain images?  Is it a mystery as to what makes us feel the way we do?

    Maybe we are so accustomed to the usual and customary it is difficult to adjust our senses to a unique presentation of an inanimate object in our world.  This may be simply an opportunity for adventure in our senses or it could be a frustration which we do not like.  Much of this is a metaphor of how we handle the issues in our lives.

    We always have choices.  We are in a position to look at the choices and determine the path which is less self destructive and more beneficial for us.  But to do so means we must admit we need help from others to live life with true serenity.  By engaging with others, we will find our experiences combined with others, give us a much more broad outlook on life. 

       If our disturbances in life drive us away from others into isolation, it may benefit us to look inside and struggle with the issue of self destruction which is plaguing us.  Others are present and waiting to join with you in a world of unity, joy, and happiness.  We can solve problems together.  Be with us.  We are here.

        Fantine      Wednesday    October 7, 2009

                                    Photo: Trinidad, Colorado