I’ll never let you down...

    Ferdie, are we doing the page today?

    I guess so, Carbear.  Fantine said if we want the horse from Laura’s Ranch in the photo, we had to write the copy.  So, what do people really mean when they make a statement like “I’ll never let you down.”

    You know, Ferdie, I think that is a very dangerous statement.  It pretends to predict the future.  It guarantees an outcome.  One human is saying to another that they are in control of things.

    Wow, Carbear, how could anybody be in control of everything?  Or do they say something like that as a means of reassuring someone they will do their best to be supportive.  But it seems if we try not to exaggerate in a time of real need it is best.  The closer we can be to the truth the easier our life will be.

    Hey Ferdie, you are so right on.  If we can stick only within our own boundaries in all areas, life is going to be so much smoother and actually more predictable.  When we practice love, we can simply tell the truth, as long as it does not harm another human being.  Good judgement is always a wise choice.

        Fantine      Tuesday        October 6, 2009 

                    Photo: Laura’s Ranch, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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