What is required to see the beauty?

    Carbear, let’s talk about good spiritual health.

    Sounds good, Ferdie.  How about looking at a typical day and how routine habits can contribute to one’s good spiritual health.  If we get up each morning and the first thoughts are about being grateful for the day, we are off to a good start.  Usually this can be accompanied by a prayer, on our knees, being thankful to the God of our understanding for waking us up.  Then asking for some guidance during the day.

    Carbear, that is great, but do you know how tough it is for a stuffed bear to get on his knees.

    Yea, it is difficult, but not impossible.  Probably easier than many of the humans we run into.  A heck of a lot of the folks we meet every day really have a difficult time praying.  Some believe it is a sign of weakness.  Others may want to think they are in control and do not want any interference.

    Unfortunately, Carbear, those are the ones who, when in real difficulty, will not have established a good connection with a Higher Power and will experience a sense of abandonment when faced with serious difficulties in their lives.

    Right Ferdie, an example of not so good spiritual health.  Maintaining a connection, that is good spiritual health.  It will always allow us to see the beauty if we choose to look for it.

        Fantine        Thursday    October 29, 2009

            Photo: Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

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