What we think may be our business may not be...

    Is this what we are to discuss today Carbear?  Minding our own business may be a great way to keep things simple.

    Yea, Ferdie, yesterday Fantine was talking about simple things and minding our own business may be right on.  It is so easy to get caught up in gossip and jump in with our own ideas.  There is something very seductive about spreading tidbits about others.  Maybe it has to do with our self esteem?  If we talk negatively about another, does it makes us think we are superior?

    I think you may be right Carbear.  We do not have a need to speak unkindly about others if we feel good about ourselves.  A sense of self which is based on a connection with the God of one’s understanding will allow us to avoid the temptation associated with gossip.

    Wow, Ferdie, you are not just about fast cars.  You really do have a good view of the world.

    Just like you, Carbear, just like you.

        Fantine      Wednesday    October 28, 2009

                Photo: Welton Place, High Point, North Carolina

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