Ferdie, did you hear her talking about boundaries?

    Yes, Carbear, she mentioned boundaries in discussing an issue with a friend.  The idea, as I understood it, was we all have to maintain personal boundaries in order to avoid sacrificing our own value system to attempt to make someone else happy.  Sometimes we will do things which are designed to fill the needs of someone else and do not fill the principle of being true to ourselves.  These actions will consistently reduce our self esteem and push us more and more into a dependence on others for our affirmations.

    Hey, Ferdie, this is sort of like what they call codependency, right?  I mean, if we are dependent on others for how we feel about ourselves, we will always be trying to make others happy even when it is not possible.  We really cannot control others feelings and do not have responsibility for these. 

    Yes, Carbear, but it is always important to remember not to do anything against another person as this could create bad feelings in someone and would not be following the basic principle of love.

    Right on Ferdie.  When we simply maintain our own boundaries, avoid actions against another person, and try to see the goodness in others, life is good.  Ya’ know Ferdie, this works for bears too!

        Fantine        Tuesday       October 27, 2009

                              Photo: The Art Institute of Chicago

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