Simple, so understated...

    If I can remember the principle of keeping things simple it will be very helpful in seeking solutions to the apparent problems I face today.  So often the issues seem very important.  Yet, isn’t it my perception which places the meaning on the objects and circumstances in my life?  Do I not have control over my attitude regarding others?  Clearly a choice is present and if I can see the choice, take the path which leads me into seeing the goodness in the world, then the problems and their solutions flow by like water in a river.

    How easy I can forget this principle which will take me to a place of serenity and peace.  The world is so full of distractions, and my ego is so easily drawn into these I want to pretend I am a victim.  Maybe this is a familiar place, that of a victim, but it does not provide a solution, only a continuation of the misery.

    Today I have choices and I will choose the simpler more solution oriented way.  I will choose peace, love, kindness.  I will seek out the goodness in the places I travel today.  God’s love is always with me.  Let me be awake today.

        Fantine        Monday       October 26, 2009

                                            Photo: US 250, Ohio

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