Our firefighters...    wait for the call, anytime, night or day, then walk into the unknown...

    Fighting a fire is for dedicated individuals who are willing to risk their lives and rarely receive any glory or fame.   The nearly anonymous nature of firefighters, hidden in the protective gear necessary to do their job, require us to acknowledge them in a special way.  Think about this the next time you see a fire engine.  Give them plenty of room.  Then be grateful they are there.

    Please do not forget, over two firefighters die each week rescuing our loved ones and protecting our property.  And we rarely hear of them.  Yet they are there, when we need them, anytime, night or day.  Many are on a volunteer basis, doing the job for the love of other people.

    Try to remember our friends who wear the funny hats.  They may be our best friends when we need them.  Thank you firefighters everywhere.

        Fantine        Saturday      October 24, 2009

                                Photo: Scarborough, Maine

Fantine’s Voice
     Weekend Edition
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Fantine’s Voice on Saturday
                                                                © 2009 Fantine

Ferdie, I think we are doing the weekend again...

    OK, Carbear, this is a good time to think about the folks we often take for granted.  Those who we call on when we need them, but really do not want to ever have to see.  Like the law officers and firefighters and others who are so helpful to us when we need them.  And all the other people who respond to our emergencies.  Actually Carbear, there are a lot of people who do things for us every day, and we just do not think much about them.

    You are right Ferdie, but I always like to remember the ones who risk their lives for us like police and firefighters.  Then we cannot forget the other emergency workers like the helicopter crews and ambulance staff.  If we can just take a moment and give a short prayer, not only does it help the ones we pray for, but it always seems to make me feel better too.

    I like that Carbear.  Prayer is so much a part of the solution to any of life’s situations.  And if we can remember to be grateful for all the people we are talking about today, maybe we will be more aware of what they do for us on a daily basis in protecting our lives.

    I am right with you, Ferdie.

        Fantine        Friday        October 23, 2009

                      Photo: Black Point Inn, Prouts Neck, Maine

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday
                                                                © 2009 Fantine

   Police officers...     risking lives in the dark of the night and facing the rage of our people.  And in times of disaster beyond imagination, we find they are there, protecting our property, guarding the remains, watching out for us so we can rest.

    A special note on this day.  Take time for a few minutes of silence.  Stop, reflect, in the United States law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty at a rate of about one per week.  Let’s remember them.  When we see one today, think good thoughts, see a friend, see a person who is your protector, acting in your behalf to make your life safer.

    Dedicated law enforcement officers, we thank you.

        Fantine        Sunday        October 25, 2009

                                Photo: Gulfport, Mississippi

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