Awakened by reality...

    Life goes on and we continue to follow patterns established over years.  For many this is just fine.  But for others the result of long term behavior continues to produce negative outcomes.  How do we deal with the continued negativity?  Do we think we are victims?  Is our life one of continued frustration?  Is the path we follow leading us into a final destination which will be as if we have hit a wall?

    Sometimes we are simply unable to look at ourselves in a way which will lead to change and improvement.  Psychologically we develop methods of coping which become second nature and feel strangely comfortable in spite of the negative consequences.  These often increase subtly until finally we are awakened by reality.

    If we have found our reality is suddenly staring us in the face and is overwhelming it may be time to seek out others with whom we can join who have incurred similar situations and have found their way through the maze.  The solution is at hand, but requires a surrender and a process of joining with others to seek the solution together.  The wall is most often too tall to scale by ourselves.  We require the unity of a Power Greater than ourselves.

        Fantine        Thursday     October 22, 2009

                              Photo: Dell Rapids, South Dakota

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