Are we in the dark?

    How can we tell when our defenses are keeping us in the dark?  Is it a rise in our level of emotional tension?  Do we feel we are being wronged, deceived, unfairly treated?  These may be the indicators of our defenses working.

    Our abilities to gain psychological insight into what is really going on unconsciously with us will vary with our degree of spiritual connectedness.  When disconnected, fearful, alone, depressed, the ability to look within may be compromised.  If we are able to look beyond this transient feeling state,   grasp the reality of our unity with all human beings, and recognize God is always with us, our insight will return and we can find our way out of the dark.

    Ask the God of your understanding what you can do today to help another person.  Seek out others with whom you identify.  Share your experience, strength, and hope.  Travel down a spiritual pathway to a peace and joy which brings you out of the dark into a life filled with light.

        Fantine      Wednesday    October 21, 2009

               Photo: Welton Place, High Point, North Carolina

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