The real truth is...

    How sad when we hear words such as these.  Does it suppose one of us really knows or is it another attempt to bring one’s opinion to the top of the heap and gain recognition for the ego?  The idea we know the truth when we are talking is often an exaggeration.  And in a situation when we are discussing another person, the truth is rarely ours to share.

    Rumors, a clear issue of self centered behavior gone wild, are almost always damaging and against another human being.  Yet there is an intoxicating aspect to talking about others.  Could it be we are vicariously acting out our own behaviors which we would not ordinarily do?  Do we gain pleasure at someone else’s expense?

    We need not do this.  If we can become connected with our Creator, find our own place in this world, share only the love in the world, then what we discover is our need to spread rumors decreases and our self esteem increases.

    This can be yours.  Join with us and become a part of the family of man.  Love one another. Share the peace, not rumors.

        Fantine        Tuesday      October 20, 2009

                                    Photo: El Moro, Colorado

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