Synchronicity...        be in tune with the world.

    Some days it just seems we are out of synch and everything is going the wrong way.  Or at least the events we experience seem to be occurring at the wrong time, to soon, to late, or unexpected.  The alteration to our being in harmony with the world is often very disconcerting.  We simply are unable to find a way to correct our apparent direction.

    This may be a time when we need to stop.  Even if we think we are behind in our task at hand, the best action to be taken is to stop.  We can allow ourselves to meditate, relax, catch our breath.  Our priorities may be reassessed and by doing so we may find the rush we thought we needed to be in is non existent.  What sometimes becomes more clear is the truth, a perception closer to reality.     

    Our external high level activity was possibly more a response to an internal need rather than a need in the external world.  Maybe we can slow down, do the next best right thing, and do so with a relaxed, positive, serene attitude.  We will find ourselves in synch with the world.  Our life will suddenly be so simple.  We will feel connected to a family of people just like ourselves.  A part of the whole.  Peace.

        Fantine        Monday    October 19, 2009

                Photo: Prouts Neck, Maine, looking Northeast

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