Wow, keep ‘um coming Ferdie...

    This one is definitely a keeper.  How about using it in the next week or two?  We can talk about beauty and how it appears in almost everything we see if we will just look for it.

    Yes, I agree, this slide is a winner.  Not so much the photograph, but what a beautiful piece of glass.  I think she took this at the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, New York.  I wonder if we will ever get to go there?

    Ferdie, if we ask, I think we can go anywhere we want.  One of Fantine’s tasks in life is to take anyone on a trip by writing the website.  When one thinks about it, the ideas talked about here are so simple, and available to anyone who wants them.  The ability to physically go to a place may be limited for many.  But the trip can be accomplished by looking at the slides, closing one’s eyes and dreaming favorable dreams.

    Carbear, I like the way you think.  But, one of the important things to remember is the task requires us to be thinking in a positive fashion.  This means giving up the negative thoughts against other living things.  Asking for help from the God of our understanding each day will be helpful in doing this.

    Ten-four Ferdie...

        Fantine        Saturday        October 17, 2009

                Photo: Welton Place, High Point, North Carolina

Fantine’s Voice
     Weekend Edition
                                                                © 2009 Fantine
Fantine’s Voice on Saturday
                                                                © 2009 Fantine

Carbear, I am so tired of watching these slides of sunrises...

    OK, Ferdie, I know, but Fantine needs our help in editing and organizing all the photos.  She values each one of our opinions and we need to be as helpful as we can.  Remember, working together on things will get a lot done.

    Yes, you are right, Carbear, but I am about to fall asleep and drop off the back of the couch onto the floor.  Next time I will sit down on the seat cushion and not up so high on the back.  An ounce of prevention is worth avoiding a bump on the head from the hard floor or something like that.

    You are funny Ferdie.  I think what you may mean is that if we make a small change in our behavior early, it may prevent a large tragedy later on.  Most of the time in our lives if we can deal with things in the moment and do the best at that time, we will find the future works out so much better.

    Yep, trying to be a bit cautious and in particular to avoid any action against other folks works well.  Let’s watch the rest of these slides so we can finally close up shop tonight.

    Gotcha, Ferdie, punch the forward button...

            Fantine        Friday    October 16, 2009

                  Photo: Welton Place, High Point, North Carolina

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday
                                                                © 2009 Fantine

   Heck, Ferdie, it is Sunday.  Let’s just rest.  We can take it easy, maybe have a few moments  of meditation, bring peace into our hearts and minds and let the world go by.

    Sounds good to me Carbear.  We’ll let Fantine worry about the rest of the week.

    You know Ferdie, she doesn’t worry much anymore.  Most of the time she just lets things happen the way they are supposed to.  I heard her telling someone who was worried about someone else’s behavior that they did not cause it, they could not control it, and they could not cure it.  And Ferdie, I think this is true about behaviors in general.  We are responsible for ourselves and our attitudes and behavior.  Other folks need to take responsibility for their own behavior as well.  No one is responsible for another’s actions.

    Carbear, I thought we were going to just relax and lay back today...

    Oh, yea, mmm... I guess I got carried away...  kinda like Fantine does.

    You said that right Carbear, sure did...

        Fantine        Sunday        October 18, 2009

                Photo: Welton Place, High Point, North Carolina

Finally, finished...       What are we going to do now Carbear?

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