Morning  gold...

    An early morning opportunity to observe a beautiful scene.  Is this morning gold?  A gift, given to us by a Creator whom we cannot see, but most certainly can experience.  If our senses are tuned to receiving the beauty, our mind open to accept, and our energy level high enough to get us out of bed early, we can all become a part of the morning gold.

    Is this the only positive encounter of this type?  Or, are there many times each day we can participate in life in its fullest?  Look around and in even the smallest or most mundane, we will see beauty.  This is something we can find if we are conscientious in our endeavors.  The old adage of what we sow we will reap, is very true.  What we seek when we look at anything is what meaning we will give it and the beauty will become much more evident.

    Attitude is one of our strongest tools in dealing with the world we live in today.  When we are finding goodness in those we meet, the return will amaze us.  Seek out that perfection of beauty in everyone you meet today.  Your life will change.

        Fantine        Thursday      October 15, 2009

            Photo: Fisher’s Peak, Las Animas County, Colorado

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