Early morning...    a time for meditation...

    Meditation...   what does this mean?  The idea of focus and concentration for a spiritual exercise is one definition.  But how?  What prevents our success?  Do we sometimes find our intrusive thoughts, our worries of everyday activities, keep us from the task at hand?

    Do not be upset.  Instead, maintain your continued attempts at meditating.  Many ways are available to release our minds from the intrusion of thoughts we do not desire.  One method may be to repeat a mantra, a word or phrase we say over and over slowly, focusing on the sound, the word, and our breath.  Another is to bring into our conscious thought pleasant memories, scenes from the past we are particularly fond of.  These could be relaxing settings, such as lying on the beach, listening to the ocean, or hearing the rain hit a tin roof.

    While the early morning is an easier time due to our more relaxed state, during the day may be important as well.  Be good to your self for you are important.  You are a good person.  You deserve to take care of yourself.  Love yourself.  Love others as yourself.  Meditate often.

        Fantine     Wednesday    October 14, 2009

                               Photo: Northeastern, New Mexico

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