How do we interpret what we see?

    If we are willing to laugh at ourselves it becomes much easier to see humor in the outside world.  The complex nature of things that make us laugh suggests many are related to very deeply seated emotional phenomena.  The easier we are with the world, that is, the less judgmental we become, we find humor is forthcoming in situations without any  unpleasant or uncomfortable side effects.  As long as no one is injured by humor, it is usually appropriate.

    Some of us are unable to laugh because we are so tightly bound up in our need to control our emotions.  If you recognize this as something you may identify with and have a desire to change, the door is open.  Seek out guidance, look within yourself, surrender the illusion of control and find a power greater than yourself.  Join with others, find freedom beyond your wildest dreams, and begin to enjoy life.  All is possible.

    We are waiting for you.  Our experiences may be quite similar to yours.  You could find yourself after looking for years.  Life is just beginning.  Allow us to light the way...

        Fantine        Tuesday    October 13, 2009

                                Photo: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

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