We are still a family...

   In memoriam.  This page is a very small piece of a very large memory. 

    James was a man for all seasons.  James was there.  Right on target.  Human characteristics, yes.  But the Light was so clearly seen as it sparkled in his eyes.  The gifts for others were boundless.  Wisdom was present, often in your face.  But with a gentleness which melted your heart.

    Our family is still a family.  James is still present.  The task remaining is to grasp the different nature of his presence.  To adjust ourselves to the issues we face as we mourn our loss.  Yet to always remember the simple lessons which were left for us to follow by our dear brother, James.

    We miss you, James.  You are not forgotten.

        Fantine        Monday    October 12, 2009

Photo: James’ artwork photographed for him in November 2004

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