Recycle...       our feelings?

    Is this how it is done?  Are we to recycle our feelings?  What does this mean?  The same feeling over and over and over?  Could it be that while recycling is stated to be good when it saves our natural resources, it is a destructive process for us as living, breathing, interacting human beings?

    Life is a dynamic, changing  passage through an expanding world.  With hard work we will see new approaches to new problems and new solutions to be realized.  Our old recycled feelings will leave us wanting.  Progress is not to be had with simply repeating what was a pattern of the past.

    Growth is an exercise in change.  Change is about giving up something.  We must give up old feelings, move forward, find our new reality everyday in the gift we are given.

    Please, come with us, be a part of the movement forward.  Leave the suffering behind.  Learn how to love.  Learn how to be loved.  We are here for you and we have found a way out of the misery of recycling our feelings.

    God has a gift for you.  Accept it.  Unconditional love.

          Fantine        Thursday    October 1, 2009

                    Photo: Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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