Hey, I like this one.  It reminds me of the pink ribbon and the campaign for early breast cancer detection.

    Absolutely, Ferdie, the pink color is done by Fantine and her computer.  But the soup bowls and spoons are all in the Philadelphia Convention Center as a wall sculpture.  Pretty cool, huh?

    Yes, pretty cool, or pretty hot, ha, ha, ha.  I think I see tea cups in there as well.  The photo can be used as a focal point for relaxation.  By simply allowing our eyes to follow the shapes around the picture and see all the various ways in which they interact, we will become focused on the  process and our minds will tend to relax.  Try it Carbear,  and see if it doesn’t work.

    Mmmm....    relax.....    mmmm....  .....zzzz..

    Carbear are you asleep?  Oh well, maybe Saturday is a good day to relax, take a nap or do some relaxation.  Be kind to yourself.  Be good to others you meet today.  Practice love.  Practice the presence of God.  The God that you understand is right for you....

    Fantine        Saturday        October 31, 2009

                        Photo: Philadelphia Convention Center

Fantine’s Voice
     Weekend Edition
                                                                © 2009 Fantine
Fantine’s Voice on Saturday
                                                                © 2009 Fantine

The God of one’s understanding...   what is this?

    Ferdie, is this the same photo as yesterday?

    You are sharp, Carbear.  But it is from a different perspective.  Kind of like the idea of a God of one’s understanding.  Each of us sees things from a different point of view.  So we may be looking at the same thing, but it appears different to different people.  Thus, a God of one’s understanding is what we experience.  Not what someone else tells us, but what we experience.

    OK, Ferdie, but the one thing we all must remember is to seek out the goodness in the world.  This will put us on the right track in seeking a God we can understand.  Sometimes past events in our lives can give us very negative memories associated with a God of someone else’s understanding.  Not everyone in the world is honest and good all the time.  But we all have the choice to see either the positive or the negative in the world.  What is negative may the shadow cast by our ego.  The positive may be the sunlight of the Spirit, a sign from the God of one’s understanding.  When we are able to see the good in each person we meet today, we are on our way to meeting the God of our understanding.

        Fantine        Friday        October 30, 2009

             Photo: Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday
                                                                © 2009 Fantine

   This is Niagara Falls, both the US and Canadian sides.  How did Fantine take this photograph Ferdie?

    I think she was crossing back into the United States from Canada on her motorcycle and stopped in traffic, she pulled out the camera and took the picture.  When entering the US it is sometimes a long wait to get through US Customs.  They are very thorough in the process of trying to decrease the violent folks who may enter the country.

    Wow, how did Fantine get back in the country then?  They must have missed something.

    Not funny Carbear, you know as well as I do that she is one who professes love of all people and that we should attempt to see the good in everyone.  This website is evidence of that, even if we do help her a lot with writing and editing, and other stuff.

    Sure Ferdie, but when she is having a bad day, I mean she can be a real b....  I guess she is only human.  At least she treats us well.  She gives all we can eat.  Never leaves us out in the cold.  And doesn’t let the cats or dogs mess with us.

    I think you are right Carbear.  She is very human and that demonstrates well that every human can practice love with every other human.  It is a choice we all have.  To love one another is the easier softer way.

        Fantine        Sunday        November 1, 2009

        Photo: Niagara Falls, United States/Canadian Border

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