Now that wasn’t so tough, or was it? 

                                If we are able to see our powerlessness...

    First, we must understand our issue of where we stand with correcting our own difficulties with our thinking and emotions.  We are powerless.  Without the help of others we are in deep trouble. If we can enlist the assistance of others then we have attached ourselves to a power which is greater than our own.  That is simply the “two heads are better than one” idea.

    But asking for help is a definite blow to our ego.  Could this be the secret?  Letting go of our precious ego.  The function of the ego so often is self destructive in its attempts to obtain immortality.  The idea we must do it alone without help is one of the most self destructive ideas the ego can come up with.  Joining with others, asking for help, lowers the egos importance but ultimately results in our true happiness and sense of freedom.  Listen to the experience of others and you will hear this message repeated many times.

        Fantine        Saturday        October 3, 2009

            Photo: Gulf Port, Mississippi 46 days after Katrina

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   Being alone is not necessarily about our physical state.  Many of us have found we can be in the middle of a crowd and feel totally alone and without anyone to talk to.  And maybe this is really what the issue is.  Can we talk to someone?  Do we have another human being with whom we can discuss everything about us?  Are we able to share our deepest secrets?

    When we can honestly answer, yes, to the above questions, we will most likely never find ourselves alone.  Weather we are in the middle of a large city,  or in the wilderness of our beautiful great outdoors, having the capability to share connects us in a spiritual way with the Creator of our Universe.

    One path of hope is to find others with whom we can identify.  When someone else has experienced the same thing we have or a similar event has occurred in their life, what we will find is we are more able to become honest not only with them, but with ourselves about our own life.  This is the first step in the process of spiritual growth.  And the realization we are never alone is one of the gifts along the way.

        Fantine        Sunday        October 4, 2009

                      Photo: Composite of cities in the United States

No longer do we need to be alone...

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Easier said than done...

    Yes, what is discussed on Fantinesvoice is much easier said than done.  Many will repeat this and then go on, forgetting even what has been said.  The goal is to engage in the process, not to find an answer...    We do not even know the questions.  Although, one might ask how do we manage to take on an attitude of love and acceptance towards our fellow human beings?  What must we do to find our way to this end, a position in time or space?

    Or is it looking at an idea that the only thing real in this world is the moment we are in, right now, not a minute ago, not a minute from now, but this moment.  If we can for even a brief period of time grasp this concept, our burdens are relieved no matter what may lie ahead.  Or, no matter what experiences we may have endured.  One of the struggles which plagues most of us is worrying about what has not occurred or being caught up in feelings about those things from our past.  So, maybe a question is how do we make the choice to stop this behavior?  Impossible?  Hardly, but first we must acknowledge we do have a choice.  If our understanding encompasses the idea we give all the meaning to the various people and things in our lives, we have a choice.  But if we insist on taking a victim role, unable or unwilling to participate in our own destiny, ah, how sad. 

    We are given our lives by a Creator... what ever you want to call this Creator.  An attitude of gratefulness and love is for some of us only a natural response.  Also, asking what our Creator would have us do now that we have a life is not such a bad idea as well.  Do His will.  Love others created by Him.  Love yourself as created by Him.

Ask and it will be answered... pray for knowledge of your Creator’s will for you and the power to carry out that will...     simple...    so very simple.

        Fantine        Friday        October 2, 2009     

                                    Photo: Pike’s Peak, Colorado