What do you see, Ferdie?

    Golly, Carbear, it looks like you and me after we clean up the trailer.  OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it does look like two bears.  Although it could be a couple of oil spots on the floor.  Maybe a strange cloud in the sky.  How about two girls talking behind a curtain and all we see is their shadow?

    Maybe it is an inkblot which has been folded over to duplicate itself on the other side of the paper.  Ha, ha, ha.  So simple isn’t it?   What we see is what we want to see in anything, not just inkblots.  How we see other people is just like the inkblots.  We always have a choice to see the good or the not so good.

    You are so right Carbear,  when we see the good in other folks, that seems to be what we get back.  And if we see negative things, again that is what we receive.  In some strange way how we see the world determines the world we live in.

    Ferdie, if everyone will just begin to see the goodness God put in every person, the world would change.  Learn to love.  Learn to be loved.

        Fantine       Thursday     November 5, 2009

                                Photo: Produced on iPod Touch

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