Gifts, why do we give them?

    Nearly all of us are involved in either giving or receiving gifts.  For many it is easier to give than to receive.  Sometimes, in spite of this being the case, we seem to have our feelings hurt when we do not get what we either expect or would like.  Yet when we receive what we want we feel undeserving or inadequate, often stating this to our benefactors.

    What strange factors must be involved in the process of giving and receiving.  And it is almost impossible to discuss.  We so often deny our reality.  We minimize our efforts.

    Upon close examination of ourselves, we may find the issues of shame and guilt are contributing to the confusion of our identity and self image.  We may some how feel less than or unworthy, yet in reality this is simply not the case.  The real question is what to do if we believe this is possible.

    One of the pathways through the confusion is to engage with others who have similar dilemmas.  Combining forces, looking for common solutions, accepting mutual help, may be one of the solutions.

    For you I wish you light.  May you find the path which leads to freedom and comfort in your life.

        Fantine    Wednesday      November 4, 2009

                            Photo: National Gallery of Art Shop

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