Another day for being thankful, to you...

    Carbear, Fantine said we had to write this page on gratitude.  But instead of simply saying thanks to God, we are to thank all the folks in the world who read the website.

    Gosh, Ferdie, you must mean those people who log on to see our pictures, huh?  Just kidding.  Most of the viewers are interested in all the photos and the message of the pages on this site.

    Yes, Carbear, the message is to love one another without any critical judgment or prejudice, and to treat everyone as your brother or sister.  And I know you may say something about your sister, but you really do love her.

    OK, we can just be grateful for a life where we have this choice.  And if we see in our brothers and sisters only the goodness God put in them, what we get back is a real sense of love.  But we have to be careful to not have any expectations about loving others. It must be done without any preconditions.  We must give our love unconditionally.  No expectation of anything in return.

    You have said it well, Carbear.  Be grateful for the opportunity to be loving.  And for everything in our lives.

        Fantine      Tuesday       November 3, 2009

                            Photo: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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