I'm going to...

    We make plans and attempt things which may be quite memorable.  The International Bridge Walk, held each year, crosses into Canada from Michigan, covering a distance of 2.8 miles and going up to 145 feet above the water.  One must be in reasonably fit condition to accomplish this feat.

    If a degree of physical fitness is required to do some of the things we like to do, what about our spiritual fitness?  Do we exercise on a regular basis just like an individual who is in good physical condition?  It does make sense doesn’t it?  One would even suspect in today’s world with its up and downs a spiritual foundation is a good way to deal with life and feel comfortable with ourselves.

    This may be worthwhile to consider.  Then when we say something like “we are going to...” our chances of completion are much better.  Preparation is an essential part of life.  We cannot control the outcome, nor can we control the future, but we can be better prepared for life on life’s terms by maintaining our spiritual fitness.

        Fantine        Monday       November 2, 2009

                            Photo: Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

Thanks to my two dear friends, Ferdie and Carbear for writing the pages for the past few days.  And to Tom for the thumbs up.

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