Ferdie, where did you find this one?

    Hey, Carbear, I was rummaging through the photo library and this was one from August of 2005, taken by Fantine of a butterfly on a butterfly bush.  I kind of liked it and thought it would be good to share.

    Ferdie, I think you are right on.  This is really very nice.  It reminds me once again of all the beauty in the world if we will just look for it.  We can find beauty in everything.  Sometimes the complete understanding of this is not seen until quite a bit later, but there is a goodness in everything if we can just search it out.

    But Carbear, where is the goodness in the message yesterday?  What could possibly be good about that horrible day in 1995? 

    Ferdie, the message is about our individual responsibility to seek out the light of God in every human we meet today.  See this and one’s life becomes much more complete.  Find love.  Be loving.  We are unable to control the behavior of others.  We can see them in a different light.  In many cases when we see people differently we find they change right before our eyes.

    Carbear, you are so right.  This can be experienced by those who try.  It does not seem possible, yet when it is sought the light comes through.  God is always present even we cannot see the presence.

    Ferdie, I will try to remember this tonight...

        Fantine       Saturday      November 7, 2009

                Photo: Welton Place, High Point, North Carolina

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Fantine’s Voice on Saturday
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Carbear, this looks like a painting...

    Well, Ferdie, it is not a painting but with some fiddling in the computer, Fantine was able to take this photo of Oklahoma City and make it look more abstract.

    It seems to have a sterile effect.  Almost as if no one lived there anymore.  And the sky is so gray.  I’m not so sure I like this one.

    You have seen it exactly as it is to be seen.  A remembrance of those who died in that terrible tragedy April 19, 1995.  A very bleak day.

    It is a reminder for those of us who are given today’s gift of life, that we should be very grateful for each moment we have.  One never knows what tragedy may befall us.  Yet if we live a life filled with love and kindness to all, we will attract like people and will find our lives are full of happiness and joy.

    We want to remember those who lost their lives and loved ones in the tragedy of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing.  But also, let us all be thankful for today.  You, me, Fantine, all people, find a God of your understanding and be thankful for the gift of life today...

        Fantine        Friday        November 6, 2009

                      Photo: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Fantine’s Voice on Sunday
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   This is only a photo of a shop in Newport, Rhode Island, which sells clothing and body art stuff.  It is not about physical fitness necessarily.   But, we might as well talk a little about a holistic approach to our health, which includes physical, mental, and spiritual parts.  If we can understand the importance of keeping fit in all areas of our lives, we usually find our lives are happier.

    OK, Ferdie, I am listening.  My life will be better if I can practice good self care in all aspects of my life, huh?  And this means I have to take a little responsibility for myself.  Like, no one is going to do this for me.  And the doughnuts each morning, this maybe means cutting back to only one?  Late night snacks....   mmmmm...  Do I have to cut out everything or can I just exercise more?

    Carbear, the idea is to use moderation in everything.  Don’t do anything to excess.  Eating may be improved by consulting a competent nutrition specialist.  She will discuss a plan which may work for you.  Exercise... again, moderation.  And spiritual health is always improved by maintaining an attitude of gratitude.  Daily periods of meditation and prayer and thanking our Creator for the gift of life is always a positive action.

    Thanks, Ferdie, I think I will give some of this a try.  Meanwhile, let’s get together a plan for next week’s pages.

        Fantine        Sunday       November 8, 2009

                                  Photo: Newport, Rhode Island

Oh, no, Ferdie, not a photo about physical fitness.

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